Interview with Cosmic #BlogBattle Co-Winner Darren Scanlon

Rachael Ritchey

Hello everyone! As you may know, the Cosmic #BlogBattle had a tie for winners. Congrats to both Darren Scanlon & E. Rawls on your joint victory!

E. has been interviewed before, and I sent her an email earlier asking if she’d like to do it again, so there may be another interview for you later, but right now I get to introduce you a little more to our battling friend and author, Darren Scanlon.

Welcome to #BlogBattle Interviews, Darren! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Now, let’s get right down to business. I have a few questions for you, sir!

1) What are your favorite styles of writing? Why?

In my poetry I like to try to write in basic English, normal everyday language that everybody will understand and be familiar with. I like poetry to flow and be easy to read. I’ve never felt the need for…

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