The written word and why it matters.

A brilliant and touching piece by my friend, Sue Vincent.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

There was a recent change in the curriculum in the US, when the decision was taken to no longer teach  cursive script in school. All the arguments about the differences between the physical movements involved in typing or printing in comparison to writing with the delicate loops and swirls of cursive have been made by others.Experts have pointed out that different parts of the brain are involved in the process and questioned the wisdom of heading exclusively to the keyboard. The fine motor skills involved in creating a legible script are not at all the same as those involved in performing the same key-tapping movement for every letter. Nor does the brain engage with creativity in quite the same way. And, while these arguments flare backwards and forwards between one faction and another, technology moves on and keyboards become touchscreens.

Language, both spoken and written, has evolved since its first…

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