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  1. Rita says:

    Beautiful 😊

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    1. Thanks, Rita. I wrote it a few years ago for two good friends who found love over long-distance and many life-struggles. They got together in the end and are living happily ever after! 🙃🙂

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      1. Rita says:

        I love stories like that!

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      2. Indeed. Fairy tales do happen, just not often enough.

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      3. Rita says:

        I agree!

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      4. How are you doing?

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      5. Rita says:

        I’m doing well now, thanks for asking. How are you feeling these days? You seem chipper again, my friend.


      6. Thats great news, Rita. Yeah I am feeling good at last. Wounds are healing nicely (finally). I’m busy working on the new poetry collection book. Its like a trip down memory lane for me, going through all my poems again.

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      7. Rita says:

        I bet. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Just please take it easy and let the healing continue.

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      8. Your wish is my command. 🤕

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      9. Rita says:



      10. Rita says:

        I’m checking in, my friend! Hoping that all is well and family is beautiful and healthy. Happy Belated New Year 😊

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      11. Hi Rita, my dear friend. I have just got home after a 7 week stay in hospital after surgery went very badly wrong and apparently i was so close to the edge that I was not expected to be here.

        But I Am and am now on the long road of rehabilitation.

        Thanks for your lovely message, it means a lot to me.

        Hope you and yours are all well?

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      12. Rita says:

        Oh Darren!!! I just knew something was not right. I’m so sorry you had to go through that again, my friend. But I’m so grateful you’re the fighting tiger you are.

        Much love and prayers for a full and speedy return to your health ❤

        We are doing well. Busy with the grandson and loving every minute. I’ll keep checking in on you.

        Your friend, Rita 😊

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      13. Thank you, dear friend. its gonna be a long slow climb but I’ll see at the top. 🙃

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      14. Rita says:

        That’s my friend👍🏻

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  2. tim says:

    Another gem there Big D!

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    1. Cheers, Tim. 😎


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