Farmyard Squabbles (re-edited)

‪A wonderfully comical piece from my good friend, Phil 😂😂😂‬

Food For Thought

© Farmyard Squabbles. Phil Bottomley 2017. All Rights Reserved.

“Cluck, cluck, cluck,” said Mother Hen.
“Look at my chicks, I’ve now got ten!
There’s Hetty, Clarabelle, Sydney and James,
Jeffery, Susie, Mary and Maime
Then there is Donna and Chrissie as well,
Who both had a problem breaking their shell!”

“Well, I’ve got twelve ducklings,” said Dilly the Duck
“You don’t hear me going cluck, cluck, cluck!
Stop strutting around; it’s really quite rude!
And it’s not as if they’re your first brood.
Dignity dear and quiet; if you’re able,
And you may just stay off the farmer’s table!”

“Now stop it you two,” said Harriet Hog.
“My young are asleep under that log,
Twelve little piglets all pink and replete
Having a nap after something to eat;
I’m going to be angry if I hear a pig squeak
And I’ll chase you two for the rest of the week!”

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