Kevin the Kangaroo 
just couldn’t hop and jump,
whilst all his friends were playing 
he would sit there like a grump.

They’d jump across the fences 
and jump across the land
leaping and laughing 
and waving their small hands

They’d race all around 
on their powerful back legs,
then jump over washing lines
with colourful little pegs.

And when the day was over
they’d have a rest, it seems,
with a meal of fresh green leaves 
and Mexican jumping beans.

His friends tried to teach him 
how to hop, skip and jump
and though he tried and tried,
he always ended with the hump.

Nobody could explain 
why he had this terrible plight
and many a time you could hear him 
crying long into the night.

One day when he was shuffling about
picking flowers for his Mum,
he tripped and fell through a gate
ending up dizzy, on his bum.

Dusting off his big long tail,
he noticed with dismay
that the gate had closed behind him 
and was now blocking his way.

His friends, they tried to open it 
with teeth and tails and feet,
but it simply wouldn’t budge
and they sat down in defeat.

“You’ll have to jump the gate”, they said, 
“It’s easy if you try”.
But try as he might he just couldn’t jump
and instead he started to cry.

Just then, a curious little Bilby, 
like a mouse with big pointy ears,
crawled out of his hole in the dusty ground
to see who was making the noise.

Twitching his ears and snuffling his nose
he eventually spotted poor Kevin,
disturbing his peaceful afternoon nap, 
with all his noisy sobbing.

He sneaked across to the raucous Roo,
being careful not to be seen,
until he arrived at the side of a rock 
from where he could take in the scene.

“A Kangaroo that can’t jump,
well that’s a strange to-do
but we’ll soon have him sorted out,
all he needs is a little chew”.

His friends now saw the Bilby 
sneaking round behind poor Kevin
but he couldn’t hear their warning shouts
for he was making such a din.

The Bilby then attacked 
sinking his teeth, up to his gums,
right into the woeful Kangaroo’s 
big round hairy bum.

Kevin screamed and took off in the air 
faster than a bullet from a gun,
he cleared the gate and his friends cried, “WAIT!”, 
but he was off like a train on the run.

Billy the Bilby, for that was his name, 
just held his tummy and laughed
making his way back to his little hole 
for another short snooze then a bath.

Kevin slowed then finally stopped
waiting for his breathless friends,
they all sat down and had a good laugh 
about the Bilby and his sharp little fangs.

Jumping was no longer a problem
for Kevin the Kangaroo
but his friends could no longer keep up with him 
as across the outback he flew.

Many long years later, 
he won a smashing award,
he took part in the Animal Olympics
after training very hard.

A nice shiny golden cup 
and a medal made him smile,
for he’d broken the record for high-jump 
as well as the one-minute mile.

Written by Darren Scanlon, 16thSeptember 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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