To come crashing through the gates of hell,
look the demon in the eye and casually yell!
Total defiance in every breath
as you stare down into the dungeons of death.

Never before have you shaken my goals
or been allowed entrance to the heart my soul.
Your presence presents me an unwanted gift,
one to be resisted, cast out, set adrift.

I am the master of all that is mine,
the cautious captain of a ticking time-line.
I say what I will and I go where I must,
I live with the righteous, the proud and the just.

I will never concede to oppression or tyranny,
nor hide behind hands from your evil and infamy.
Instead I stand tall and proudly defend
my right to decide how the story will end.

Freedom from terror, dictators of fear,
the right to defend all the things I hold dear.
The right to say “No, you will not destroy
all the love and security I've built from a boy!”

The right to speak out against injustice and crime,
to defend our world against those who defile.
Protect our lands from the enemy within
who seek to destroy, as new evil begins.

I will never accede to foreign rule,
nor will I live like a broken fool.
I will never bow to terror and hate
but always defend and strengthen the gate.

We live in a great and glorious land,
we've never surrendered to invading hands.
I’ll defend her borders from without and within,
with my dying breath, I will never give in.

Proud citizens, a call to your hearts I now make,
stand tall, stand proud and be fully awake for
your nation needs you to fight for her heart,
defend it from those who would tear it apart.

Our forefathers died to defend what is ours,
to keep all our enemies away from our shores.
Let not their sacrifice ever be in vain,
together we must make our nations great again.

So shout it out from hill and dale,
a rousing cry for we cannot fail.
Defend our nations from insidious demise,
let our children never fear to open their eyes.

Unity is the only key,
unite to live amongst the free.

Unite as one unstoppable force,
unite along an unswerving course.

Unite to stand and form a wall,
unite to defend our nations call!


Written by Darren Scanlon, April 2014
Revised on 21st April 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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