If you close your eyes
to the world outside,
will the fighting suddenly cease?
Will brother and sister
hold hands together
and build a new life of peace?

Does a person, born blind,
not hear the teeth grind
as disaster, from greed, is grown?
That because he can’t see,
thinks we are all living free
and reaping the seeds we have sown?


If you block your ears
with hands wrapped in fear,
will the threat to your life dissipate?
Will the tyrants and haters
and evil dictators,
finally open their gates?

Does a person born deaf
never fear for the death
of their family, children and friends?
That because they can’t hear
there is nothing to fear
and life will go on without end?


If you seal your lips
with cold finger-tips,
will the shouting suddenly fade?
Will the human divide,
like a wound gaping wide,
start healing, to live a new day?

Does the person born dumb
think the world has become
a paradise, lost overnight?
That because he cant speak
other people will seek
to live, instead of just fight?


You cannot deny 
what you see with your eyes,
you cannot block out all the pain.
You cannot ignore
what is outside your door
or hiding in a jesters’ refrain.

You must listen close
to the schemes they propose
and act for the good of mankind.
Please listen and learn
how to make the wars turn
and leave all the suffering behind.

You have to speak out
and don’t fear to shout,
if you know that your cause is just.
Speak out for the ones
who are cowed by the bombs,
before we are all turned to dust.


Written by Darren Scanlon, 24th June 2014.
Revised 11th July 2015.
©2015 Darren scanlon. All rights reserved.

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