I sit by day, recline by night,
trapped in a dying world,
a passenger in a cocoon
that sways and swoons
from room to spinning room.

Looking out onto a world
so slowly shrinking,
a vignette mist;
a frustrated fist
and a heart that has to resist.

To breathe...
to live...

Bravely beseeching thinning air;
needing that which seems so aloof
in the vacuous vaults
of life’s rotting roof.

Why me?

Is it selfish to question,
disagree or doubt the validity
of the path that life has
laid out before me?

Is it such a sin
to want to survive?

I have so much still to show
so much light inside to give;
too much love to simply let go
of my reason and right to live... 

...just live.

I rest, embracing hope of recovery,
I fight to live; 
to spend one more day
looking into the eyes of love and laughter
that surround me in every way. breathe...

To live!


Written by Darren Scanlon 20th November 2014.
Revised 8th February 2016.
©2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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