Zola the Zebra
lived far, far away
and always had so much fun,
with lots of friends
they laughed and played
and sang beneath the hot sun.

At first, her friends
were a little confused
and thought her a curious sight,
for unlike her friends
with their wonderful stripes,
Zola was born purest white.

She never did mind
standing out from the crowd
for she was such a plucky young gal,
and she liked being different,
it made her feel special,
though stripes were so nice as well.

Now, Zola's birthday
was coming up soon,
so her friends came up with a plan,
they went to the village,
just on down the track
and bought a big set of pans.

Then off they went
with a clattering-clang
to the bushes on top of the hill,
collecting Blueberries,
Raspberries and more,
until their pans were all full.

Back home again now,
to clean and wash
their dust and dirt covered hooves,
then they stood in the pans
and squashed the berries
until all the juice had come loose.

They called for Zola
to come and look
at the multi-coloured pastes,
she sniffed the pans
of sweet smelling goo
and couldn’t resist a taste.

Then along came Delilah
with her big bushy tail
and asked her to stand still and straight
as she dipped the tip
in the colourful pans
and on Zola's back she did paint.

With long sweeping strokes
and humming a tune,
Delilah worked with a smile,
until all the pans
were good and empty,
which took her quite a long while.

But what a glorious
and colourful sight
they had before their wide eye’s,
for Zola now had
such a rainbow of stripes
and a great big beaming smile.

She giggled and laughed
as she pranced around
posing like a colourful gem,
as she thought to herself
"How lucky am I,
to have all these wonderful friends!"


(Taken from "The Book Of Loops And Laughter", 
available on Amazon Kindle and paperback)

Written by Darren Scanlon, 12th October 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.
Image courtesy of

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