Our friend Bob the Bun,
just loved to have fun
and exciting adventures galore,
he’d laugh all day
and jump and play
and roll around on the floor.

Its a very rare sight
to see a bun take flight
but one day he went flying so high,
he held onto a kite
by the tail, so he might
get to see the world from the sky.

Now, whilst he was high,
something low caught his eye
in the glint of the afternoon sun,
if he wasn’t mistaken
he’d spotted a maiden
a sweet looking little fruit scone.

His heart did a flip
and he started to slip
down the tail to the very last bit,
he shouted till hoarse
to his friend, Buttered Toast,
to reel him back in and be quick.

When his feet hit the ground
he was looking around
to find the fresh fruit of his dreams,
and there she was sat
with her frilly white hat
on a bench at the edge of the stream.

Bob started to run
in the warm summer sun
for his heart he just could not deny,
she looked all demure
and he wasn’t quite sure
but then saw the twinkle in her eye.

Her arms opened wide
and he joyfully cried
falling into her crumbly embrace,
they danced in a circle
till she started to chuckle,
tears of joy running down her sweet face.

It wasn’t very long
before the church bells bonged
and he smiled at his sweet blushing bride,
he took her in his arms
and with all of his charms
said, “I do!” with heart-warming pride.

The townsfolk clapped
as they walked down the path
with a spring in their steps to the park,
where their friend, Buttered Toast,
was snoozing against a post
with a kite made for two, what a lark!

What a glorious day
they all had as they played
and sang to Mr and Mrs Bun,
flying high in the breeze
over tall swaying trees
where the light of their love had begun.

They can often be seen
hand in hand on the green
as their children play on the swings,
Angel Cake, having fun
with her brother, Rock Bun,
their adorable sweet little twins.

(Taken from "The Book Of Loops And Laughter",
available on Amazon Kindle and paperback)

Written by Darren Scanlon, 12th May 2015.

Revised by Darren Scanlon, 28th September 2016.
©2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.
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