Swaying aloft on a warm summer breeze
The life-giving forests of wise, ancient trees…

Lush green leaves of a forest, green,
its purest form, now so seldom seen.
Majestically reaching so high in the hills,
no roots of malice; no hate or ill-will.

To wistfully walk among bramble and bush;
through wind-swept grasses, so gentle and lush,
as the woes of the world drift so far away,
not a thought; not a cloud to darken the day.

Yet, throughout the long ages of time and the future,
I see Man destroy instead of tenderly nurture.
Vast swaths of once luscious woodland, now dead.
Tears, as the knives slice through souls filled with dread.

Material greed, like a plague without cure;
death and destruction; torment assured.
The wildlife, routed with treacherous guile,
no remorse ever shown for the lives they defile…

Let my life ever linger in natures good grace
as the wind caresses the stress from my face.
To sit beneath branches and boughs full of life,
of birdsong; chattering animals, so rife.

May I douse the flames with the flow of my tears
and warn generations to come, of my fears.
Let the forests abound and the sigh of the trees
ever call to a world torn by hate and disease.


Written by Darren Scanlon, 1st April 2018.
© 2018 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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