The flickering flame
in the dream of your eyes,
is a glimmer of life
in a darkening sky.

But little heat remains
to warm the weary hearts
of those so slowly left
bereft and torn apart.

A chill wind blows a tear
across the cooling fires,
a rain of lasting love falling
softly through life's briars.

A trickle of silent sorrow
leaving trails on shallow cheeks,
as if from deep within,
a life force slowly leaks.

And there in the darkening distance
atop a cold and misty hill,
a solemn shadow now stands watch,
it’s scythe held high and still.

A long and lonely vigil
through a hazy starless night,
awaiting the final moment
when a fresh soul takes its flight.

Written by Darren Scanlon, October 2013.
Revised by Darren Scanlon, 11th May 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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