“But it’s not my fault”,
cried the mouse in dismay,
“I though I knew where I was
but appear to have lost my way”
Sat at the foot of my bed
with his hands under his head,
he tried through his tears
to relate what is here.


I set out early this morn
after nibbling on some corn
for my breakfast, on the cob is best.
I was raring to go
to ‘The Great Mouse Show’,
a long walk but not one to miss.
With my stout trusty stick
and my coat good and thick,
I set out on the long winding road.
It was a lovely quiet day
and not many passed my way
except a snail and a croaky black toad
The sun was rising
and warming the fields,
no clouds, just some bee's and a fly.
A warm gentle breeze
blowing soft through the trees,
a day that warms your heart with a sigh.
The going was tough
for the ground was quite rough
and soon I cried out loud!
I’d stubbed my big toe
on a large round stone,
for the field was all freshly ploughed.
The furrows once high
and then very low,
enough to make a grown mouse squeak!
But I tucked in my tail
and continued my toil,
well the show was only on for one week!
After long hours of drudge,
aching back and tender feet,
I decided no further can I go.
Well I'm only a mouse
and despite what you've heard,
Our legs are quite small you know!
With a weary old sigh
off to one side I did saw
a nice bit of shade neath a tree
so I hobbled across
and settled right down
saying, “This will do for me!”
After quenching my thirst
with some juice I had brought,
I felt my little nose start to hum.
With a weary old sigh
I got up from the ground
and discovered I’d caught the sun!
Without further ado
I continued my trek
to a hedgerow at the end of the field.
I must be nearly there,
well if not, then half way,
to myself I despairingly appealed.
I continued to walk
along the edge of the road
past many a house and nice bush.
I sauntered along
and was humming a tune,
I'll be there very soon, no more fuss.
But with time marching on
I went for the bus
and stood at the stop, in a line.
Before very long
with a familiar song,
the bus came along with a whine.
I boarded and sat
with my tired achy feet
and decide to massage and squeeze
but I jumped from my skin
with a terrified squeak
as the woman behind gave a sneeze!
She cried, “It's no good!”
from under her hankie,
“I'm allergic to mice, dogs and cats”.
“Which ones?” I enquired.
“Conkers!” she cried,
“And anyway my cottage is thatched!”
Well with that I dismayed
and headed for the door
trying hard but just couldn't believe
what the lady had said,
“She's as daft as a bird!”
I exclaimed feeling now quite relieved.
“We'll have less of that!”
said a Crow who was perched
on a lamppost and looking all pleased.
I said, “Perhaps it's time,
yes I’m certain it is,
that I took, from you, my leave.”
But just never mind
for looking ahead,
I cried with a heart full of glee!
For just over the fence
at the end of the lane
was the end of the road for me.
Bustling with people
beneath a tall old oak
was the event I had dreamed of for days,
with stalls in abundance
big food laden tables
and cakes on pretty pink trays.
But my joy was short-lived
as I noticed a sign,
above a gate with the entrance below.
I read in confusion,
it must be an illusion
for the sign read 'The Great MOOSE Show
Well I turned around
in amazed disbelief,
shook my head and trundled away,
shed a tear from my eye
and just couldn't believe,
it had certainly ruined my day.
With my head hanging low
I decided to go,
but to where I asked with tired eyes.
So I aimed myself east
and said well at least
a full moon is high in the sky.
Now before very long
I came upon a house
with a door that was slightly ajar,
I quietly crept in
and listened and then
heard you snoring up the tall stairs.
And so here I am,
waking up on your bed
with my spirits beginning to rise,
telling my tale
to you my dear friend
with a twinkle of mirth in your eyes.
But alas I must leave
for there is still far to go
and my wife will be wondering where,
I should have been home
tucked up nicely in bed
and dreaming without any care.
So thanks for your help,
your ears and your smile
but now I must bid you farewell,
I may again pass this way
on a nice sunny day
with my wife and children as well.
But before that bright day
and not a moment too soon,
I'm going to up-grade my glasses
with a powerful zoom!
Written by Darren Scanlon, September 2010.
Revised on 18th June 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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