(politically correct edit)
Just say no to corrupt politicians,
lying and cheating with their secret missions.
Hugging the baby in the camera’s eye
then stealing its lolly and watching it cry.
Just say no to the corrupt EU,
actually achieving what Hitler failed to do.
A European State to control one and all,
watch as our borders and our nations fall.
Just say no to the media lies
and question everything; open your eyes.
No longer accept the status quo
but look through the lies of every show.
Just say no to political correctness,
slowly stripping us of all our defences.
trying to stifle our freedom of speech
and sucking us dry like a government leach.
Just say no to religious cults,
decrying our lives and saying its our fault.
Death and destruction at the behest of their gods,
relentless conflicts to settle childish odds.
Just say no to Orwellian eyes,
cameras everywhere and up in the sky
watching our lives and controlling our days,
monitoring; spying; taking privacy away.
Just say no to the corrupt police
attacking our liberties with arrogant ease.
Assaulting the innocent and protecting the hate,
keeping the sheeple behind a locked gate.
Just say no to government lies,
spraying their chemicals all over our skies.
Trying to change Mother Nature’s plans
and ending up with blood on their hands.
Just say no to Big Pharma men
drugging us all so it’s easy for them.
Dumbing us down to the point of view
that we don’t give a damn, any more, what they do.
Just say no to diseases made
to reduce population, like HIV AIDS.
The New World Order needs a major cull,
for their future world is simply too full.
Just say no to corrupt foreign aid,
the needy are the last ones who ever get paid.
It all goes to war or a palace or two,
another grinning despot or tyrant to fuel.
Just say no to false flag lies,
buildings and ships destroyed from the skies
by warmongering greed and hidden agendas,
hundreds of thousands just thrown in a blender.
Just say no to the fat-cat bankers
who really are just greedy old cankers.
Stripping the world of all that it needs,
nothing now left but the shadows of greed.
Just say no to all who oppose
rekindling the fire, getting back on course.
The haters and fools who just cannot see
what the future could hold for you and me.
Just say yes, its time to re-take
control of our nation and step on the brake
as we hurtle along to the deep, dark abyss
and prepare to hand out just one final kiss.
Just say yes, enough is enough!
Lets get back all the kindness and love.
Be rid of corruption; of lies and deceit,
out in the streets on marching feet.
Unity is the key to success in our cause,
no more division, infighting or flaws.
Together as one indomitable wall
extended to the borders to answer the call.
Written by Darren Scanlon, 22nd June 2014.
Revised by Darren Scanlon, 23rd March 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. noelleg44 says:

    I’ve been enjoying your poetry, Darren. And I am with you – enough of this madness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. Thanks Noelle


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