There's a line in the sand
drawn in dark distant lands,
where the guts and the glory
and fine marching bands
will all die in the dust
and play into their hands,
till they all say, NO!
Those invisible walls
across seas oh so wide
are not worth all the tears
in the storms where they hide
and the sailors and captains
should close the divide
and should all say, NO!
Then the skies overhead
drawn with lines of deceit,
like the cracks in the path
beneath cold marching feet,
but the soldiers and victims
should stand in the streets
and should all say, NO!
Let the bullets and bombs
from our very own guns,
never fall on the graves
of our fathers and sons,
let us all walk together
to where it began
and we'll all say, NO!
All the fortunes and futures
within corrupt hands,
as they roll out the dice
and decide and demand
that the power and glory
is theirs to command,
we must all say, NO!
The dark and the deep fear
of what is unknown
is the harvest we reap
from the seeds they have sown,
for they govern our lives
more than anyone knows,
we must all say, NO!
Will our children be raised
in a world of elites,
where they search through the rubble
for something to eat,
will we then bow our heads
in dejected defeat,
we must all say, NO!
Will we cower and hide
from the one's who impart
all the laws and the lies
that leave lives torn apart,
or we all stand as one
and raise hell with our hearts
as we all say, NO!
All the pimps and the whores
in their halls upon high,
with their airs and their graces
will start with surprise
as they look upon unity
in all they despise,
when we all say, NO!
Just a short simple word
with such power to wield
but it leaves no more doubt
about how we all feel,
we must rise up united
in townships and fields
and just all say, NO!
Written by Darren Scanlon, 14th October 2015.
Revised by Darren Scanlon, 16th August 2016.
© 2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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