“Mum, what’s that noise?” asked Johnny Duboise
as he sat on the comfy settee.
“Its your father”, she replied as the dishes she dried,
“say's he’s trying to set his mind free”.
“By singing a song?” he asked with a grin
as he as he looked for the TV remote.
“He says that he’s chanting” she replied with a smirk,
“sounds to me more like he’s panting!”
“Is he gonna be long?” Johnny asked with a sigh,
“I wanted to watch the telly?”
“He shouldn’t be love” she replied with a shrug,
“do you want some ice cream and jelly?”
So desert in their hands and a hum in their ears,
they chatted and patiently waited
for the noise to die down and the snoring to start,
which meant dad was happily sated.
“Is he losing his marbles?” Johnny asked all concerned
for he worried about his old dad.
Mum paused for a while then casually smiled,
“You can’t lose what you never had”.
They giggled a while and with a cheeky smile
Johnny said to his mum, “He’s a star!”
“He’s certainly something from outer space,
if a star then he wants bloody shooting”.
Desert came and went and the distant hum
of his dad slowly faded away.
Then after a pause came a thunderous noise
that made them both jump out the way.
“Its sounds like he’s done” chuckled mum to her son
who was looking quite pale in the cheeks.
“Put the telly on, love, I know that snore,
your dad could be out for weeks”.

Written by Darren Scanlon, 14th May 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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