Too much darkness
in this dying world;
too many force-fed fears.
Too many bent
and broken lives,
adrift on a torrent of tears.
So many children
brainwashed and abused
in dull overcrowded halls.
Pointless graffiti
spreading like scars,
on cold, crumbling walls.
Why do we let them
arrogantly teach
such a history of loathsome lies.
Impressionable children
taking everything in,
with eager, innocent eyes.
Discard the curriculum;
cultivated pages of deceit
and government lies.
Teach them how to dig
down though the layers,
find their own truth in life.
Knowledge has the power
to free their minds;
to let their spirits swell.
Seek it out and share it wide
but above all else,
teach them well.
Teach them about love,
respect and honour,
loyalty, dignity and pride.
Of life shared together,
a home for the heart
and a family for which to provide.
Nurture creativity
and expression of the soul,
in writing, music and art.
Unleash the possibilities
lying dormant and deep
within the beat of each tender heart.
Help and support them in
whatever they choose,
for they are the legacy we leave.

The beat of new blood
flowing strong in their hearts
and in all they are soon going to weave.

Written by Darren Scanlon, 23rd February 2015.
Revised by Darren Scanlon, 20th November 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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