If you're lost and adrift
on the river of life,
all that you touch turns
to trouble and strife,
your heart is deep down
in the pit of your soul,
what once was alive
is now an echoing hole.
If you're feeling that you
can no longer go on,
that it matters not where
the warming sun shone,
all the moments in life
have raced off and away,
leaving you in the wake
of such dark dreary days.
If it feels like your heart
has been torn from your chest,
and the love that was there
could not conquer the quest,
that the giver has taken
more than ever they lent,
and they left you in tears
on the day that they went.
When a door to your life
was closed beyond question
and the feeling of loss
is just too hard to mention,
as you fall to your knees
and collapse from within,
the fight has now left you,
your mind starts to spin.
But there is hope left alive,
you must never despair,
there's a lifeline to grasp
from the people out there
who love you regardless
and care beyond measure,
who put your well-being
before their own pleasure.
They are always on hand
and are constantly here,
they will help you to face
all the things that you fear.
They will take on board
all the things that you say
and they'll hold you close
on your darkest days.
A true one will ask you
for naught but your smile,
no payment is due,
rest your woes for a while.
A good one is with you
through thick and through thin,
even when you don't know
just where to begin.
They will listen, support
and help you to heal,
they will help you no matter
how bad they may feel.
When your life seems darkest
and you can't see the end,
you can always rely
on a true honest friend.
They will do what they can,
they will never think twice,
they will hold you together
when you're throwing lifes dice.
They will never back down;
stand tall to the task,
a true one will know,
you will not need to ask.

Written by Darren Scanlon, February 2014.
Revised by Darren Scanlon, 20th June 2016.
©2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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