I never got the chance to be,
for you dear Dad, the best.
I never had the strength inside
to hold you to my chest.
I never made the time in life
to be a father’s son
and never had a hope of ever
undoing things I'd done.
I never got to tell you how
I missed you when not there.
I never had the strength to talk
to you as you lay there.
I never even had the courage
to stroke your ruffled hair
and tell you as you lay there drifting,
how much I really cared.
I never managed to say 'I love you!'
with conviction and with grace.
I never had the strength of will
To say it to your face.
I never got to tell you
just how much you meant to me.
I never got to say goodbye
and now you're floating free.
I miss you, my dear father,
In ways so hard to tell.
I saw you through a child’s eye
and watched you go through hell.
I saw in you a tender love that
your generation couldn’t show
and now that it is all too late,
I guess you’ll never know.
You'll never know the pride I felt
to have you as my Dad,
to know that no matter what happened
I'd always be one of your lads.
I miss you, Dad.
Every single minute
of every single day.
So now it seems I must say ‘farewell'
to one I love so dear,
and as I think about your passing
I will always shed a tear.
And in doing so feel tragic loss
but never any fear,
for you reside now in my heart and mind,
You'll always be quite near.
Written by Darren Scanlon June 2009.
This revised version 3rd February 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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