I was walking down the beach
enjoying the sun and sand,
with a delicious ice-cream
dripping down my left hand.
With the wind in my hair
and the waves at my feet,
I was so full of joy
and enjoying my treat.
Then swooping by
with such gentle grace
was a sight that put
such a smile on my face.
A seagull so huge
and purest white
it was such a glorious
and wonderful sight.
With wings outstretched
and ever so wide
on the coastal winds
he did silently glide.
Then back up he flew
to his friends upon high,
circling and squawking
in the cloudless sky.
Laughing at the people
beneath, on the ground
and watching for scraps
of food lying around.
But if that didn’t work
they had a sneaky plan,
they flew down and took it
right out of your hand!
Then off they off they flew
all laughing with glee,
with a tasty ice-cream
that was meant for me!
They’ll pinch the chips
from out of your tray
then come back for more
as you hide them away.
Then perched high up
at the top of a light
they laugh and jeer
at your hungry plight
Patiently waiting
for the next poor soul
to walk beneath them
on their perch, up the pole.
Down they will fly,
laughing all the way,
to pinch your donut
before you could say,
“Hey, I wanted that,
you cheeky old bird!”
but cackling laughter
is all that is heard.
So next time your down
by the sandy seaside,
look out for the seagulls
as above you they glide.
For if you’re not careful
and have chips unwrapped,
they’ll fly down and pinch them
with a laugh and a flap.

Written by Darren Scanlon, 8th September 2015.
© 2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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