The table is set
and the turkey's fine,
'taters, sprouts
and a glass of cheap wine.
Crackers, party hats,
bad jokes and toys,
plenty of fun
for good girls and boys.

Pass me the stuffing,
cranberry sauce,
Yorkshire puddin
and gravy of course.
Everyone's happily
feeding their face,
Noel's up the tower,
his favorite place.

Out with the pudding,
“Some trifle, Old Bean?”
“Yes please, but hurry,
it's time for the Queen.”
Then settle back down
for it won't be long
till the action starts,
with a bit of James Bond.

Dads in his corner
stuffed and snoring,
Bond's been turned down
because Mum says it's boring.
She's having a chat
with dear Aunty Flo,
calling the neighbours,
just listen to them go.

It comes once a year
and we look forward to
all the love, the laughter
and a party or two.
Some great traditions
stand the test of time,
"Hey up, kids, it's snowing!"
We love Christmastime.


Written by Darren Scanlon, December 2013.
Revised version 18th December 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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