The glint of steel, so sharp and smooth,
beneath my fragile fingers.
Delicate inlaid patterns reflect
an afterimage that lingers.

As a child I’d hide beneath cotton sheets
feigning death, that I could deceive.
Then risking a peep from beneath my shield,
oh, how my poor young heart grieved

For in the corner of my eye
and with a silent cry,
it was watching.

Who might it be and what did it want,
this eternally elusive guest?
A featureless face on the fleeting form,
silence was all I could wrest.

For many long hours and countless years,
I pondered its persistent gaze.
I sensed no malice; no dark intent
and yet, it remained, unfazed.

In the corner of my eye,
and with a silent cry,
just watching.

And now as I drown in the depths of despair,
it reflects in the cold steel’s knell.
Has it waited for the day that I kiss the bold blade
and bid my torment farewell?

Come, silent stranger, 
you need no longer hide
as my time is finally here.

Have you nothing to say, 
will you lead the way,
for now, as I, 
you have nothing to fear?

With no cutting remark,
it remains hidden, 
in a shroud of dark.
Just waiting?



Written by Darren Scanlon, 15th June 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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