Born into a world full
of complex conditions,
an ever changing tangled web
of confusing contradictions.

To live; to thrive;
to barely survive
oppressive commands
from the central hive.

When the ashes settle;
when no chill breezes blow,
only then can we discover
our part in their one-sided show.

In this game of life;
this passionate play,
what sorrowful words
we must softly say.

Too young to have lived
and yet too old to die,
too innocent to deceive
with their insidious lies.

Gazing out from eyes
as blue as the sea,
feel your heart beating;
to want to be free.

Imbibe a world of wonder
and be at one with it all,
through winter and spring,
through summer and fall.

Free your spirit from
imposed restrictions,
be at peace with The Mother
and defy all divisions.

Feel her filling your soul
with love beyond measure;
the ecstasy of life
and ultimate pleasure.

Feel her tender grace
on your silken skin
as her gentle breeze blows
from without and within.

Stand atop the crest of a hill,
spread your wings; you can fly.
Loose you soul, let it soar free
to roam the lands they deny.

The limits of the mind are
the boundaries we were taught;
barriers to destroy
with a scornful retort.

Tear down the tall fences
they imposed on the child,
live your life to the full,
let your freedom run wild.

Free your mind and
unleash your desire
as potential unfurls
flying higher and higher.


Written by Darren Scanlon, 25th July 2014.
Revised 20th April 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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