Percy the Penguin
lived at the South Pole.
With many good friends
he would laugh and cajole.
They would slip and slide
and play in the snow,
laughing and shouting
and running to and fro.

Percy was a happy lad
with a great big caring heart
but there was a little thing
that sadly set him apart.
Unlike his dear little friends,
who loved the winds from above,
Percy was always shivering cold
and wore a hat, scarf and gloves.

But nobody laughed at
or made fun of their friend
for they loved him and would
protect him to the end.
They would cuddle around him
on cold, windy days
to help keep him warm
in their cute little ways.

One day, when the sun
had melted some ice
and the water was blue
like the heavenly skies,
they said, “Come on Percy,
lets swim in the sea.”
“I'd loved to” he said,
“But it’s too cold for me.”

So his friends went away
leaving Percy alone
with no-one to talk to;
if only he’d known.
Then shouting and singing
and laughing with glee,
his friends had returned
with a gift, he could see.

“This is for you,
we made it last night,
out of feathers and twine
all knotted and tight”.
He opened it up and
laughed like a goat,
his friends had made him
a warm feather coat.

They all busied round
to help him put it on
and from Percy's little face
such a smile now shone.
He was lovely and warm
and ready for fun,
“Come on everybody”
and away he did run.

Well, off they all went
and gleefully dived in
making a noisy
but merry old din.
They laughed and swam
and played till the end.
Oh, how Percy loved
his dear little friends.


Written by Darren Scanlon, 16th April 2014.
This revised version written 10th April 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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