Northumberland to Newcastle
and Cumbria's lofty hills,
Durham down through Cleveland,
into Yorkshire's misty dales.

Across the lofty Pennines
to Lancashire so fine,
Cheshire, Staffs and Shropshire,
the Severn lands align.

Down into the Midlands,
Leicester, Notts. and Brum,
Derbyshire to Warwick,
you can feel the heart-beat thrum.

From Humberside and Lincolnshire,
Northants and Norfolk too,
from Suffolk back through Cambridgeshire,
East Anglian pride so true.

From Oxfordshire and Gloucester,
Wiltshire, Bristol and Bucks,
Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey,
where The Isle of Wight she tucks.

Hertford, Essex and London,
north and south of the Thames,
through Kent and down through Sussex,
the south coast to defend.

Across the west to Devon,
Dorset, Somerset, sends
us right on down through Cornwall,
until we reach Lands End.

So many hearts of England
will hear the call to arms,
from factory, field and fairway,
from steelworks, docks and farms.

From everywhere they come
just to answer Britain’s call,
protect her sacred shores
and prevent her tragic fall.

Our homeland is in direst need,
defend her to the core,
unite as one,
with claws now raised,
and hear the lions roar!


Written by Darren Scanlon, August 2013.
Revised 26th June 2016.
©2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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