Oh deep, dark depression,
my uninvited guest,
the persistence of oppression
is precluding my life’s zest.

The dark before sunrise
of a dawn that just won’t break,
suppressed by a thirst for my soul
that only sorrow can now slake.

The wisps that you are weaving
are clouding my damp eyes,
a cold and cloying shroud
covering all that I desire.

A void, with sides so steeply etched
and burning with cold dread,
I’m trembling now with fragile fear
and wondering if I dare tread.

Your shadow wraps me in its arms
to hold me once again,
an old familiar friend
that’s feeding fast upon my pain.

A symbiotic succour
and reluctant shield of sighs
from the turmoil of a life
that turned to tears before my eyes.

And the sleep within my veins
now washes over silent souls,
a mind numbing response
to a desperate, lonely call.

I’m crying out from within the prison
of this decaying fragile frame
and I hide my face behind a smile
from relentless personal pain.

Oh deep, dark depression,

my uninvited guest,

the darkness you are dealing

leaves my soul with little rest.

Now your fog has engulfed me

to the edges of my world,

I hope and pray that one day soon,

my wings will be unfurled.


Written by Darren Scanlon, 2nd June 2014.
Revised, 20th August 2015.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.


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