(In Loving Memory Of Leanne Jane. 1990 – 2022)

She drifted away on an angels sighs,
leaving such a hole in so many lives.
Heartbreak and tears, the only sight, 
where once a candle burned so bright.

Such a devastating loss,
so much stolen away.
The brutal reality
in the cold light
of a heart-breaking day.

So much mirth and that cheeky smile,
a genuine love with arms open wide.
Joyful, warm mischievous eyes,
where no malice or hate could hide.

They say, “On, life must go”,
and I guess it must be so,
but without her flame to guide
it will be a much darker ride.


Life can be so very cruel, and we are but pebbles 
on a wind-swept beach. But throw one of those 
pebbles into the water and the wonder of life begins.

The ripples it causes, radiate ever outwards…

“May your memory live on in the hearts and minds 
of all those who were fortunate enough to have been touched 
by the ripples of your life. 

I will always remember you thus. x”

Darrern Scanlon, 11th May 2022.

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  1. She will be beautifully remembered…

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