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A MOUSE’S TALE is the story of a cute little mouse called Malcolm. He is going to spend the day at The Great Mouse Show. Join him on his exciting and fun-filled cross country adventure meeting many wonderful characters along the way.

A Mouse’s Tale is a wonderfully illustrated children’s novel suitable for all ages.



Once upon a time, in a small country village called Weathersedge, there lived a mouse. Not an ordinary mouse as you might expect to find running around your cupboards on a cold winter’s morning, but a well-dressed mouse. A mouse with a neat little tartan waistcoat, a flat cap and a walking stick. Quite a well-to-do mouse, if you were to ask him. He could often be seen rambling around the village greeting everybody he met with a smile, a tip of his hat and a ‘How do you do’.

Everybody knew and loved him with his quirky little ways. Everybody, that is, except the cat that lived at the little inn, ‘The Bald Hedgehog’, at the corner of the village green. Bit of a strange name for a pub, I mean have you ever seen a bald hedgehog? Well except that one that’s rumoured to work at the shoe shine bar at a railway station in the big city.

But the cat and the mouse have had some right old ding dong chases over the years. Under doors, up chimneys, along the gutters and when our mouse disappears down the drainpipe; well it’s a right to-do. The first time the cat tried to follow him and got as far as his big round furry tummy. He was well and truly stuck. He pushed and he pulled and he twisted but it was no good, he was firmly wedged in.

The fire brigade had to be called. Well Bob, the window cleaner had tried all sorts to get him out. Teetering atop his ladder he’d pushed and pulled and twisted but it was no good.

“It’s no good” said Bob to Bessie, the distraught landlady and owner of Rufus, the fat pub cat. “He’s well and truly wedged in!”

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