If you’ve ever seen a horse

simply tip-toeing around,

carefully trotting

and yet making little sound,

then it was probably Horace,

a horse who had no shoes,

trotting here and there

with lots of ouch’s and oo’s!


He tried to keep up

with his friends on parade

as a tip-toeing horse,

what a spectacle he made.

When they stood to attention

in their nice neat lines,

Horace would sneak in

and hide far behind.


He was asked, one day,

“Why do you have bare feet,

would horse shoes not be better,

especially in this heat?”

He said, “You may be right

but I am really in a pickle

for I have such sensitive feet

and I can’t bear to be tickled!”


“How about we hypnotize you

till you’re feeling drowsy,

then you wouldn’t feel a thing

and wouldn’t that be cozy?”

“Shall we give it a try”, they asked,

“and see how well it works,

surely it’ll be better for you

than nasty mocking looks?”


So the doctor said, “You’re feeling sleepy;

one, two, three

and when I count to six,

you will be fast asleep, you’ll see”.

What a surprise, he closed his eyes

and Horace had a snooze,

the blacksmith got to work

and gave him shiny new shoes.


When Horace woke back up

and started walking about,

he gave a rather startled

and quite almighty shout.

No longer on his tip-toes

but boldly on the trot,

his feet were making loud

and proud, clip clippety-clops.


He ran around the courtyard

and cried, “YIPPEE!” and more,

he clippety-clopped out to the parade

and the crowd gave a mighty roar.

He marched right up to the front of the line

and proudly tapped his feet,

so they made a space and he stood in line,

now proudly ready to greet.


The Queen appeared and walked the line

in her sparkling jeweled crown,

until she came to Horace where she stopped

and looked up and down.

“What nice shiny shoes you have”

and she rubbed him on his shoulders

and from that day he proudly carried

The Queen as she rode with her soldiers!




Written by Darren Scanlon, 16th April 2014.

Revised 2nd September 2015.

Artwork by Angie Caira.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.


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