Is it madness to want to speak to and smile

at the people we meet on the streets,

as we pass each other, our eyes to the ground,

complaining on tired achy feet.


Is it madness for our children to play outside

in the knowledge they won’t come to harm,

that a stranger isn’t danger or a thing to fear

as they play with their mates on the farm.


Is it madness to believe that there must be hope

to cling to in these dark depressing times,

that we will always cope with the hardships

doled out from beneath the clock-tower’s chimes.


Is it madness to want an end to all wars

and bring home all the brave men and women,

to hold them close, feel their beating hearts

instead of shrouded beneath coloured linen.


Is it madness to want the political elites

to finally bring a halt to their plans

to destroy the world until all we have left

is sand trickling through desperate hands.


Is it madness to want an end to religion

as it tilts its vile head in disdain

at persecution and cold-blooded slaughter

as more innocents scream out in pain.


Is it madness to want a life full of bliss

with no cloud of consumerist greed,

to reap the harvest that the sunlight has kissed

and know that your family, you can feed.


Is it madness to want to breathe the clean air

that we remember as an innocent child,

the cumulous clouds floating high overhead

as we played, running fast, free and wild.


If madness it is, then madness I am

for I chose to hope and believe,

that one day we’ll be free to live, you and I,

without oppression, division and greed.



Written by Darren Scanlon, 5th May 2015.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.



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  1. YaYa Says says:

    This is just so true! I agree with you 100%. I am too madness! 🙂

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      1. YaYa Says says:

        You’re welcome!


  2. SD Gates says:

    It’s not madness, it is hope!! I love this!!! It’s wonderful.

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    1. Thank you my friend.

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  3. This is fine indeed

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  4. ssenlrak says:

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing your heart with us all.

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    1. My pleasure, my friend.


  5. 🙂 I’m so glad you shared it, Darren! #BlogBattles aren’t all funny, some of them are just plain heart! 🙂

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  6. Ron Wohl says:

    Very good, Darren. I know the feeling you portray, as I have cooked in it my self and produced my book “Hope and Joy”. Perhaps it is the desire to re visit the times we enjoyed as we grew up safe in our parents care and welcoming the sun and moon as friends with whom we could toil thru the day and refresh thru the night, in safety and security. Oh, to bestow those times on our grandchildren today!


    1. Indeed Ron. I often think how much we enjoyed our childhood back then and how little, perhaps, they do today. Such a shame.


  7. Claire B. says:

    I especially love the last verse. Wonderful poem!


    1. Thanks Claire😊

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  8. moonfroth says:

    Darren —
    (did LinkedIn do this gaping spacing, or did you? If you…..why?)

    Of course I wholeheartedly book onto the sentiments–the IMPERATIVES–you express in these stanzas. The stanzas where you essentially identify a problem, then TELL the reader the solution, i find least effective. Those parts where you present either the problem or the ‘solution’ in a striking image, leaving the reader to assign all or some significance on their own, I find most effective AS POEM. Specifically–

    Is it madness to want to breath the clean air…………………….KB, ‘breathe’ not ‘breath’

    that we remember as an innocent child,………………………….. 1] Is ‘innocent’ needed? 2] consider instead– ‘from childhood’ or ‘children’, to pick up plural subject below.

    the cumulous clouds floating high overhead

    as we played, running fast, free and wild…………………………..KB, don’t forget the question mark (?), here and at the end of EACH stanza. Effective emphasizer.

    Here, the image of goofy childhood, free-running in clean air dominates and imprints the reader’s perception. Does s/he find this desirable? Of course! I, THE READER, form that conclusion. Here, I AM a participant in this poem which actually DEMANDS my participation by framing itself in rhetorical questions. Other stanzas, where the poet has declared all the values as well as the problem, are implicitly saying–“here, you! get in here and cope with this appalling situation! Oh! look, I’ll just tell you the answer. Hmm. Didn’t need you after all.”

    What I’m suggesting Darren, is that the impulse behind the values in this poem is excellent, as is the choice of rhetorical questions to frame the whole. The satirical edge, the ‘call to change’ that are critical to the strength of this poem are best served by metaphorical rather than declarative ‘solutions.’ If you see merit in that suggestion, you might revisit some of the stanzas with editing pen in hand. In summary–this poem is built on a platform of valuable moral and social values that, in my opinion, would be more effective if presented with closer attention to….SHOW DON’T TELL…..than is the case now. As always, my friend, just my opinion.


    1. Thanks for your kind comments and suggestions (and spotting my little spelling mistake).


  9. breakdownchick says:

    This is really beautiful. I am madness with you!

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    1. Madness seems to be ‘The Place To Be’

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  10. E. Rawls says:

    Love the way you rhyme, so creative! Heartfelt poem.

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  11. Thanks E. Keep Smiling


  12. Andreas says:

    Nice. But why even think about it? Life shall be openness! Words shall be balm! Deeds shall be relive!
    Don`t judge!? My religion is friendliness!
    What is your religion?


    1. The poem was an entry to a blogbattle based upon the word “Madness”. I sat, I wrote and this is were I ended up… I quite like it.


  13. phoenixgrey85 says:

    Wonderful sentiments. It’s not madness to want these things, and if it is, well, then, I’m definitely mad. (I probably am anyway). 😀


    1. I’m liking madness more and more…it seems to be the place where all my friends are😊

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      1. phoenixgrey85 says:

        I think that madness is a good place to be. 🙂

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  14. Without hope, what are we? |Fabulous poem! ❤


  15. alfgarnet says:

    That my friend is sheer poetry, emotional, to the point, and flows totally, or maybe we are all part of the madness and happy to be there , take care , be strong ,

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    1. Thanks Alf. It appears we are all in the ‘madness’ place so we are among friends!

      Keep Smiling 😊



  16. Then madness I am too! Love this poem, love the way you’re “mad!”

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    1. Madness seems to suit me and my friends so well…welcome to my madness and thanks for your kind comments, Debby. Keep Smiling 😊

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