BROKEN WINGS (Danny Roberts II)


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BROKEN WINGS is the second book in the Danny Roberts thriller series.

Set in Northern England, with a healthy dose of gangland rivalry and gritty violence and interspersed with plenty of the authors characteristic sarcastic, dry humour, this novel makes for an entertaining and thrilling read.

Danny Roberts is a businessman. He’s also somebody who will sort out your ‘problems’ for you; for a price of course.

In this second installment we see our hero pitted against one of his deadliest foes to date.


For Sarah Jennings, marital bliss and a happy family life have become a long distant memory.

Something broke down, changed their once peaceful home into a battleground of fear, pain and depravity.

She now fears not only for her own life but, more importantly, the life of her daughter, Annie.

The one place they should have felt safe and secure has now become no more than a prison and is now the one place they must escape from.


Sarah Jennings dropped her daughter off at school.

She could see the looks from the other parents; she hated those looks.

“What do they know about anything”, she thought to herself, “they had their cozy little homes to go back to with their coffee mornings and playing happy families. If they knew what I had to put up with every day of the week, they’d shit themselves”.

It was true, they didn’t know; couldn’t know.

Most of them were just concerned; worried that their good friend, who used to come to their coffee mornings; have a laugh, no longer even spoke to them.

They grew more and more concerned as time passed and the bruises and scars started showing through the makeup.

One or two had even taken her to one side and tried to broach the subject with her but all they’d got in return was abuse and told to mind the own business.

Sarah knew that they were only trying to help but what else could she have said; that her husband all but rapes her every day of the week; that he ties her up, beats her and then rapes her some more?

Christ, they wouldn’t even believe her and if they did, what the hell were they gonna do about it?

What could anybody do about it?


©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.


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