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It’s just a way of life
Said the man with the gun
You win it or you lose it
When all’s said and done

But the odds and the favour
Can be tipped over here
A winning smile
From a boy with no fear

They say that respect
Is a game hard won
But they can’t see the smile
Down the barrel of the gun

The feather on the trigger
Tipping fate on it’s edge
No begging or beseeching
Can reverse a given pledge

So the days turn into night
And the winter beckons
The clock on the wall
Ticking out the short seconds

Of love hard won
On a tall family tree
Hear the click of the pin
As the feather flies free

At the moment of truth
Lies the missing piece
The puzzle of life
Destroying desolate peace

And the bullets fly
Dealing death all around
A hail of thundering steel
As it hits the ground

We live our lives
Along the barrel of a gun
From the dawning of time
Beneath the rising sun

And the steel from the sky
Becomes the sand on your face
The tears on your cheeks
Wash the windows of fate



Anytime the nights
Are long and scary
The spider in the corner
With legs so hairy
The nightmare left you
Cold and scared
You know I’ll be there

Anytime the dawn
Brings fear and worry
The hours ticking by
As you try not to hurry
The stresses and strains
Are beyond compare
You know I’ll be there

Anytime the tears
Come rolling down
Cold damp cheeks
Beneath a furrowed frown
The pains and the sorrow
Are going nowhere
You know I’ll be there

Anytime you feel
That you just want to rest
Within protective arms
Against my chest
The sanctuary where
You don’t need to care
You know I’ll be there

Anytime the thought
Of the coming night
Creates cold dread
And deep dark fright
The sweat soaked pillow
Beneath your flowing hair
You know I’ll be there

Anytime the dark
Harbours demons of hate
That leave you running
For the dreaming gate
In the tattered rags
Of the clothes you wear
You know I’ll be there

Anytime you want me
To hold you close
Anytime you feel
That your missing most
Anytime your eyes
Search near and far
You know I’ll always be there.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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