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Oh, depression,
My dear uninvited guest.
Persistent oppression,
Giving me no rest.

The dark before the sunrise,
Of a dawn that just won’t break.
Held back by the claws,
Which are threatening to take.

The mists that you weave,
Are clouding my eyes.
A cloying shroud,
Covering all I despise.

Your void so deep,
And boiling with dread,
Trembling with fear,
Where I dare not tread.

Your darkness wraps me,
In its arms again,
A familiar friend,
Feeding fast on my pain.

A symbiotic succor,
Offering lasting refuge,
From the tumult of a life,
And its raging deluge.

And the sleep in my veins,
Is washing over my soul.
A mind-numbing ally,
To a desperate call.

I crumble within,
This decaying frame,
And hide my face,
From the passionate pain.

Oh depression,
My dear uninvited guest.
The darkness you bring,
Gives my soul little rest.

For your fog has engulfed,
To the edge of my world.
I pray that one day,
I will again unfurl.



As the sun beats down,
On another glorious day,
The blackbirds are singing,
In their sweet little way.

The world is still,
And my mind is at peace.
How I pray for the stillness,
As it offers sweet release.

The sky so blue,
And clear overhead.
The world still in slumber,
Tucked up in their beds.

Dreaming worlds of wonder,
With complex design.
And, for now at least,
This moment is mine.

To sit back and breathe,
The freshness of the dawn.
The early morning dew,
Sitting twinkling on the lawn

The gentle sway,
Of the rustling trees.
Disturbed from rest,
By a gentle breeze

The distant sounds,
Of a world slowly waking,
Muted to the background.
From the moment, not taking.

The best time of day,
Is the first light of dawn,
As I sit and ponder,
A world newly born.

The sun; the sky;
The birds and myself.
The warmth soaking through,
To a feeling of good health.

If one thing I could say,
To you my dear friends,
It’s that I pray that this moment,
For us, never ends.

©2014 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

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